How to use coupons

By using our online shop coupons or participating in our online competitions, you also agree to the following conditions:


No cash redemption or remaining credit possible. The coupons are limited in time (validity date) and have a minimum order value. See notes on coupon publication. Coupons cannot be combined and can only be used once per user – unless otherwise indicated. Our coupons are a voluntary additional service. We reserve the right to invalidate coupons without giving a reason or to cancel the associated purchase and refund the amount if there are indications that they have not been used as we intended or that a system error has occurred. We reserve the right to make mistakes and spelling mistakes regarding our coupon offers.

Sweepstakes / competitions

By registering in our shop, you automatically take part in possible promotions and competitions. These are free of charge and without obligation and will be sent to you in the form of promotional emails if you allow this. Whether you want to use a profit is up to you. After confirmation of your win, you have 1 month to claim it. With your consent, you allow us to pass on your data for sending your prize to our broadcast service provider for the commissioning of the program and to publish your name, a photo or your review on the media we use. No cash redemption or remaining credit is possible for prizes from one of our online competitions. You will be notified of your winnings by e-mail or telephone, or else announced with your acceptance of the winnings (your reply e-mail with “Yes, I want”) and the information you provide on the media we use (Facebook, online and any print editions) announced. Prizes are free of shipping costs and cannot be combined or exchanged with promotions, products or coupons and are excluded from eventual  additional warranty. Prizes can also be awarded in the form of prize coupons. Errors and spelling mistakes reserved. We are also allowed to declare winnings invalid without giving reasons, or to raffle them again if there are indications that the participant or several participants have tried to manipulate the result contrary to our ideas. Employees, relatives and acquaintances are excluded from participating in competitions.